ContractStandards Framework

A unified contract structure for all contracts. These are the elements that make up most agreements. Any clause, whether in a license or employment agreement, can be organized according to this framework. This allows lawyers to organize agreements and provides a means to share clauses between contracts. Explore our framework and start drafting smarter.


Who are the parties and when does the agreement start?


What are the parties buying or exchanging? Services, products, a license, property, etc?


What are the mechanics of exchange? How will the parties give and receive value?


What is the time period of the agreement? When does it start? When does it end? Can the agreement be extended?

Reps, Warranties and Acknowledgements

What statements, facts and actions are material to the bargain?


What actions, facts or circumstances must occur for the parties to close the transaction?


What actions or forbearances must each party continue to perform during the term of the agreement?


What actions can the parties take to protect their interest in the bargain? Rights to terminate, adjust services or costs, etc.


What can the parties do in the event the other does not perform its obligations?

General Provisions

How are disputes resolved? What laws apply? Who is benefited and bound by the agreement? How is the contract interpreted?