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Create, manage, collaborate

Today, lawyers and contract professionals rely on archaic templates, manual markup, and outdated cutting and pasting techniques.

The process wastes billions of dollars and produces contracts of inconsistent quality.

We deliver Document Assembly and Negotiation Playbooks, along with Contracts and Clause Libraries

Contract Quick Builder based on decision trees

Generate contracts with the Quick Builder tool by making simple decisions. No complex, if-then-else statements. No programming required.

Fine-tune your contracts using playbooks backed with guidance

If desired, customize agreements with clause playbooks. View standard and fallback terms. Consult integrated guidance to help you selct the best terms for your agreement.

Reusable modular clause library

Contract templates created in a fraction of the time required using traditional methods by linking checklists (automatically generated by the software) to the unified clause library.

  • Efficiency is further enhanced by organizing templates in a consistent manner using the Unified Contract Framework.
  • Templates from the rapidly growing public library can be copied to your private library and quickly customized to your needs.

Public and Private clause libraries

Research public clause libraries and create your own private clauses. Create standard and alternative language to tailor contracts to each deal circumstance and jurisdictional requirements. Provide guidance on how to select the best terms for your contract and capture commentary from practitioners.
Draft clauses in plain English following the ContractStandards Drafting Style Guide.

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